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Hi Karrie,  They love the 8' rope!  Me too.  I'll get more photos for you soon".
-Ann Brooks, Phoenix Landing.



Powder Coated brackets   $29.99 /set
Stainless Steel brackets   $59.99 /set


ALL NEW - Must have for parrots who love to chew!

These powder coated, or 304 stainless steel, 2x4 holders make providing soft wood for your birds to destroy affordable, safe, and easy to replace.  The wooden boards slide in and out easily from the holders but fit snuggly due to the tapered walls.  All mounting hardware is included with the brackets so they arrive ready to use.  Your local hardware stores, including Lowes and Home Depot, will cut your 2x4's to the desired length for free.  Soft pine perches provide hours of endless chewing entertainment and are a must have in any cage!  Be sure to offer a variety of perches in addition to square wood to ensure optimal foot health.       *Make sure to use untreated wood only*

AS EASY AS 1,2,3

 Make your perches into foraging toys!



  The Brackets hold any "2 by" untreaded lumber boards

2x4 parrot perch holder 2x4 holder parrot perch 2x4 parrot perch holders

two by two                     two by three                     two by four


2x4 holder parrot perch with Greenwing macaws     2x4 holders parrot perch Greenwing macaws

 2x4 holder parrot perch pieces  2x4 holder parrot perch stainless steel  2x4 holder parrot perch

 harlequin macaw 2x4 parrot perch holder  sulphur crested cockatoo on 2x4 holder parrot perch  eclectus on 2x4 holder parrot perch

 blue and gold macaw 2x4 holder perch  severe macaw on 2x4 perch holder  blue and gold macaw 2x4 holder parrot perch
 harlequin macaw 2x4 holder parrot perch  2x4 holders parrot perch cockatoo  cockatoo 2x4 parrot perch holder  2x4 holder parrot perch umbrella cockatoo 

 2x4 holder parrot perch macaw  Goffins cockatoo on 2x4 holder parrot perch  2x4 holder parrot perch



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- NEW 2x4 holder foraging toys are now
available in
Stainless Steel!
  stainless steel perch holders

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