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Hi Karrie,  They love the 8' rope!  Me too.  I'll get more photos for you soon".
-Ann Brooks, Phoenix Landing.

Classified Adds -- Birds for Sale / Adoption

If you would like to submit a free classified add, send an email to with your name, contact information, add text, photos, price, and LOCATION (city and state).  I reserve the right to refuse any add I deem inappropriate, dishonest, or illegal.  This classifieds site does not allow adds asking for free birds.  Parrots are expensive to maintain properly; if you can't afford to buy one, how can you afford to own one?  Alternatively there are numerous rescue organizations around the country where a person seeking a less expensive parrot can apply.  Allow 72 hrs for your add to appear.  USA/ Canada adds only.  We are not responsible for the veracity of any of the adds listed on this site. 

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- NEW 2x4 holder foraging toys are now
available in
Stainless Steel!
  stainless steel perch holders

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Natural Inspirations - Providing the finest enrichment items, perches, and cages inspired by wild parrots in their natural habitats. 

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